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Supply chain safety and efficiency through data visibility:
A non-profit platform for container technical details

BoxTech for Owners/Operators

BoxTech allows container owners/operators to register their entire container fleets in a central data repository, making key container technical details instantly available to trading partners and other users in the supply chain. BoxTech also allows the posting of important exception alerts, such as recovery alerts, to individual units. Finally, when units are sold, BoxTech allows owners to flag those units as sold, ensuring visibility throughout the industry that these units are no longer part of their fleet.

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BoxTech for a Digitalized Supply Chain

BoxTech allows shippers, carriers, terminals, depots, and other supply chain participants to instantly obtain technical information about containers, such as tare weight, size/type and maximum gross mass. BoxTech means a one-stop-shop to obtain container tare weights for use in Method 2 SOLAS VGM declarations. APIs allow users to integrate this information directly into their systems, avoiding unnecessary searches for container information and the inevitable errors that result from data re-keying. BoxTech is provided by the BIC – a non-profit organization serving the container transportation industry.

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