BoxTech allows the container operator/owners to share their equipment technical details such as tare weight, size and type, maximum payload, etc. with their shippers and trading partners. Here is what you should know about Container Markings and where you can find this information on a container.

Understanding the markings on containers is useful for identifying important details about the container, including:

  • Container owner (a logo is typically found on the door end);
  • Repair recommendation;
  • CSC plate;
  • Classification society;
  • Various characteristic details such as maximum gross weight, tare weight and more (this information can also be found in the BoxTech database);
  • Manufacturer (a logo is typically found on the Door end also) and more.

Located on the front, sides and top of a container is the BIC Code (owner prefix) + check digit. These are useful for finding more information on the container, such as its owner’s address and contact details, by entering it into the official BIC Code database.


For more information on container markings and an interactive example, please see the official Container Markings section of the BIC Code website.