V2 Release Notes

Information on what's new in BoxTech v2
Published: 30 October 2017

What’s New


BoxTech now allows Owner/Operators to flag containers with various alerts that are communicated to BoxTech users should they query containers carrying such alerts. Alerts include:

  • Sold or Scrapped Alerts. A container has been sold or scrapped, indicating the container number is no longer valid.
  • Exception Alerts. A status exception exists for this container, for example in the event of a recovery situation. In this case, the equipment owner will attach contact details and requested actions to such alerts.
  • Security Alert. Used only in the event of a known security issue with a container.  The listed contact should be notified immediately with any information regarding this container and its location.


File Upload

  • Significant improvements to the file upload process and infrastructure have been implemented in v2.
  • “My File Uploads” now shows your most recent uploads.
  • Details of each upload, including the uploaded file and the results, are now archived in BoxTech and can be retrieved either from your “My File Uploads” screen or your original results email.
  • New status emails notify the user when a file is received and when it has been processed. Details of success and errors of uploads are included.

New V2 API

  • The v2 API is a major update, making available a RESTful JSON-formatted web services for both fleet upload and container information access. Detailed documentation for the updated UI is available at on GitHub:
  • Container owners/operators can now create, update and fleet-out containers, all via API, thus ensuring that BoxTech is always up-to-date with their complete fleet.
  • Full container details can now be retrieved via the API
  • Users can also be notified by email if an exception-flagged container is requested via the API. Contact the BIC at if you are interested in beta testing this functionality.


  • In isolated cases, large file uploads were failing in v1. Large uploads files will now be processed correctly.
  • Several UI improvements were made throughout the application, including a more accessible logout button.
  • The text of several emails and UI warnings has been improved for clarity.



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